Almost 40% of social entrepreneurs in Russia are looking for investment
2022-05-11 09:56

Almost 40% of social entrepreneurs in Russia are looking for investment

In Russia, more than one-third of social entrepreneurs surveyed are looking for investment, the Made in Russia editorial board told in the foundation of regional social programs "Our Future".

"The impact of the new economic realities on their business is felt by 84% of those surveyed. Based on the answers of respondents, first of all it is manifested in the decrease of purchasing power of population and outflow of clients, growth of prices for raw materials, equipment, consumables and problems with logistics", - says in new research of organization.

As the research showed, one of the main problems for business was the change in the mechanics of promoting products/services due to the departure from the market of the usual social networks, which were a sales channel for many.

Thus, about 60% of businesses said that the main anti-crisis measure for them is to monitor new channels of promotion. About 40% of respondents are busy looking for investment and available credit facilities, about the same number of businessmen are quickly developing new marketing mechanics of discounts, installments, bonus programs (the answer to the question "What anti-crisis decisions have you made / are going to make" was assumed to several answers).

It is noteworthy that about 30% of respondents said that they do not have enough information about the support measures they are entitled to.

"Over the past two months, the state, large commercial and nonprofit organizations have been actively developing new support measures for social entrepreneurs. We monitor both federal and regional initiatives on a daily basis, but just as important is the reaction of the "market" - what social entrepreneurs themselves feel they need and whether their vision coincides with what is offered to them. We should mention that in general measures of support correspond to business needs but there is a lot to do from the point of view of informing social entrepreneurs and offering them new promotion channels for their products and services," said Director of the Our Future Foundation Natalia Zvereva. -

Also, the study showed that almost half - 41% - of respondents have used or plan to use concessional lending. More than half of those surveyed expect assistance in promoting their products and services, as well as various types of reimbursements of expenses, primarily for salaries. About 30% of respondents indicated that they need relevant educational programs.

More than 80% of social entrepreneurs believe that in the future subsidies for business development may become the most demanded support measure.

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Author: Alexandra ZaslavskayaMade
in Russia // Made in Russia