Sverdlovsk entrepreneur plans to double production of disposable tableware
2022-05-09 01:26

Sverdlovsk entrepreneur plans to double production of disposable tableware

Individual entrepreneur Andrei Lodkin from the Sverdlovsk region plans to increase monthly production of disposable cardboard dishes from seven to 15 million units per month, the Made in Russia editorial board was told by the regional information policy department's press service.

"Now there is a serious change in the market. There are a lot of requests, there are new customers. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that prices are changing, companies are looking for new partners within the region, in addition, some of our customers are planning to take niches of foreign companies that are leaving the catering market, respectively, the request for packaging for new projects is growing. This is certainly a prospect for us," said Lodkin.

The product range includes dishes for fast food, boxes for cookies, cakes and 17 kinds of disposable cups. By the end of the year the company will install some more machines and expand its staff - it is planned to employ 15 more workers.

The businessman said that he makes use of business incentive programs, for example, he has several times drawn loans from the Business Support Fund for the development of his company and used the guarantee of the Development Institute to obtain loans.

"We work very closely with the entrepreneurship support fund, they have programs, trainings where we get new information. They also have a mailing list of all support measures, which contains relevant information, what the state offers for us. Besides direct financial assistance we are paid by Sverdlovsk region for participation in international exhibitions and help us find new clients, "- he said.

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Author: Ekaterina IvanovaMade
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