Marketplace for import substitution of sports goods planned to create in Russia
2022-04-28 01:55

Marketplace for import substitution of sports goods planned to create in Russia

Russia plans to create a marketplace for the import substitution of sports goods, said First Deputy Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Azat Kadyrov.

"Today the Ministry of Industry and Trade is doing a lot of work on import substitution. In our opinion, the main task is to create a marketplace where the buyer could find a seller. Now we see that the situation is like this: one doesn't know who to sell to, the other doesn't know where to buy," Kadyrov said.

He noted that today the theme of sport is becoming more and more attractive for entrepreneurs. Experts single out three main directions, which can be engaged in business: manufacture of sports equipment, market of services, including organization of fitness centers, and construction of infrastructure.

"The field of sports is economically interesting in all three directions. Today the window of opportunity is expanding. We're trying to create the right conditions. Our main federal project, Business Sprite, is aimed at attracting businesses to develop and build infrastructure. For the first time since this year we launch a line of banks subsidizing interest rates where you can take credit for both capital construction and non-stationary objects, "- said the official.

In addition, the department has formed a registry of physical education and sports organizations. "Starting next year, the tax deduction for these services will begin to be reimbursed. This is a step in support of entrepreneurs who are ready to engage in the development of sports in the country, "- said Kadyrov.

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