Spektr-RG has discovered sources of extragalactic neutrinos
2022-12-31 12:10

Spektr-RG has discovered sources of extragalactic neutrinos

Thanks to the Spektr-RG orbital station, the Russian-European Observatory, scientists have found out that two recently recorded bursts of high-energy neutrinos appeared as a result of the destruction of two stars by the attraction of supermassive black holes in two galaxies far from us. This was announced at the conference "High Energy Astrophysics today and tomorrow" by Academician Marat Gilfanov.

"Over the past four full and one incomplete observation cycle, we have recorded seven dozen flares generated by tidal breaks of stars. Two of them are of particular interest, since they were sources of high-energy neutrinos, which were recorded by our colleagues from the IceCube neutrino observatory," Gilfanov explained.

For information. Tidal breaks of stars are cataclysms that occur when stars approach supermassive or smaller black holes. Usually, the attraction of the singularity pulls the star and tears it apart, resulting in a powerful flash of light and other forms of electromagnetic waves.

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