Radio electronics may become a priority industry in Kuban
2022-05-16 10:56

Radio electronics may become a priority industry in Kuban

The sphere of radioelectronics claims to become a priority sector of the Krasnodar Territory economy, said the head of the region Veniamin Kondratiev after visiting the scientific-engineering center (SIC) "Technologies".

The site produces about 40 types of surveillance cameras, including digital, neural networks, as well as video recorders, video intercoms, electronic modules.

"Electronics has long been dependent on imports. But now there is a chance to develop our own production and occupy the vacated niches. The Science and Engineering Center "Technologies" is a worthy example of import substitution. I am sure you will be able to strengthen your market position if you strengthen localization and diversification. In the long run, a small production can become a factory," he said. he said.

Executive Director of SIC Technologies Pavel Galitsky said that the distinctive feature of the company is its own development of equipment. For example, among the latest is a camera with 360 degree panoramic view, which fully replaces the four standard cameras and has no analogues in Russia.

"Kuban is the main resort of the country. Issues of safety for the residents and guests of the region are always a priority for us. Your equipment and cameras are now working in the system "Safe City" of Anapa and Novorossiysk, we must continue to expand its geography. Radio electronics in Kuban may become a priority branch of the economy ". , - he said.

The equipment of the company is competitive and is not inferior to foreign analogues, - emphasized Vadim Prisyazhnyuk, the director of SIC "Technologies". The company has created a closed cycle, adding to the production of cameras the development of their own software.

"We want to create an IT center of import substitution, which will be a flagship in Russia. he noted.

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