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2022-05-11 10:04

Bryansk company "Modengi" expanded import-substituting production

The Bryansk-based developer and manufacturer of antifriction solid-lubricant coatings Modenzhi opened a new line of business and expanded its product range against the background of the withdrawal of imported materials from the Russian market in 2022. Julia Prudnikova, Director of Development at Modenzhi, told the Made in Russia editorial board about it.

The company's materials are used in various industries; they help reduce friction and wear and tear on equipment parts and mechanisms.

"In 2022 we are seeing an increase in orders due to the withdrawal of imported materials from the Russian market. Thanks to this we opened a new direction and expanded the line of manufactured materials. Now we produce not only antifriction coatings, but also pastes, greases and dry adaptive lubricants in sprays," Prudnikova said.

Also this year the company noted an increased demand for tribotechnical and corrosion testing in Modengi laboratories from designers of new equipment and manufacturers of preservation compounds, lubricants, and polymers. Against that backdrop, the company has expanded its staff of engineers and chemists, Prudnikova noted.

Over its five years of operation, the company has developed several coatings as part of a program to replace foreign products that have left the Russian market or fallen under sanctions. The company has developed a high-tech coating that has no analogues - it is able to withstand operating temperatures up to plus 730 degrees. Domestic manufacturers of microturbines have already begun to use the development.

Today the company produces more than 20 different types of coatings, produces related materials (metal cleaners and solvents). In addition, the company supplies spray guns - equipment for applying coatings.

The development director noted that Modengi's antifriction coatings are unique because these materials provide dry hard clean lubrication and protection against corrosion of products. The coating itself only needs to be applied once at the manufacturing stage of the equipment at the manufacturer's assembly line, and it requires no maintenance during operation.

"Materials are developed by us from scratch, from receiving the customer's technical specification to producing finished material that effectively solves the customer's engineering problems. The company is located in Bryansk, has its own production facilities for coating production, an engineering center for coating customer parts, research laboratories, and a training center for coating application," Prudnikova shared.

Today, Modengi's coating technology is used in innovative rehabilitation equipment (exoskeletons, bionic arm and foot prostheses), making modern technology more accessible to people with disabilities.

"Our coatings are used at leading Russian engine plants for engine piston skirts. Since 2018, our coatings have been successfully working on the offshore shelf as part of the Environmental Protection Program in the development of offshore oil and gas fields. In 2017, Modengi received an award from the government of the Bryansk region for its contribution to innovative development, and won the contest of innovative products created at the enterprises of the Bryansk region," - concluded the representative of the company.

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