The lawyer reminded the Russians about the fines that can be received on New Year's Eve
2022-12-31 01:25

The lawyer reminded the Russians about the fines that can be received on New Year's Eve

Getting a fine on New Year's Eve is a bad omen, but this, alas, cannot be avoided if you break the law. Lawyer Elena Kuderko told the Prime agency what is prohibited to do and what is the penalty for violation.

First of all, it is important to remember about the ban on drinking strong drinks in public places. The penalty for this is up to 1,500 rubles. Smoking in public places is also prohibited. The fine is from 500 to 3000 rubles.

Mass actions (festivities, flash mobs, etc.) are prohibited without proper notification of the authorities. The notification must specify the place and time of the event, the purpose of the event, the estimated number of participants and the data of the responsible persons. Non—compliance with the rules is punishable by a fine of 10 to 20 thousand rubles for citizens, and if the organizer is an organization - up to 100,000 rubles.

There is a ban on launching fireworks near residential buildings, from windows and balconies of high-rise buildings. The fine is from 500 to 5000 rubles, and in case of adverse consequences, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation comes into force, which provides for up to five years of imprisonment. Violations can be avoided by contacting the management company with a request to designate in advance the place from which the safe launch of fireworks is possible.

In most regional laws on silence, there is a New Year's exception that allows you to make noise until 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning. In some regions, the situation is radically different: either it is impossible to make noise after 22 o'clock at all, since the day is a holiday, or it is possible to make noise all New Year's Eve. The fine for noise usually does not exceed 1000 rubles, for Moscow — 2000 rubles. Since everyone is making noise, when neighbors complain, most likely, an oral warning will be the punishment, unless, of course, the noise level does not exceed the standard for New Year's Eve.


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