2022-12-31 12:00

The petition for the purchase of "Ecoprodukt" was received by the FAS from "Agrokapital"

FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service – approx. editors) received a petition from the Agrokapital Management Company (part of the Rost Group of Companies) for the acquisition of Ecoprodukta LLC. This is reported in the Telegram channel of the department.

"The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia has received a petition from Agrokapital Management Company LLC for the acquisition of Ecoprodukt LLC," the report says.

UK Agrokapital is a member of the Rost group of companies - the leader in the market of protected soil vegetables in Russia.

The purpose of the transaction is the acquisition of a greenhouse complex for the production of vegetables and the expansion of the production base of the Rost group. Now the FAS will assess the impact of the transaction on the Russian vegetable market in the prescribed manner, the agency added.

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