2022-12-30 02:21

Novosibirsk "Armaz" will increase the volume of oil production


The company "Armaz" from Novosibirsk, which produces vegetable oils, exports them to a number of countries, including China and North Korea, took part in the national project "Labor Productivity". Thanks to him, I intend to increase the productivity of the enterprise by 5%. This is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the regional competence center of AIR (Investment Development Agency – approx. editorial offices) Novosibirsk region.

"The main task of participating in the national project is to optimize all production and management processes so that they are open, understandable, transparent. This will increase the overall productivity of the enterprise by at least 5%, reduce costs, optimize plans and increase sales, as well as increase wages," the company's director Georgy Solomatin is quoted in the message.

Labor productivity will be improved by optimizing production, reducing the production time, building a system that allows you to track the priority of order fulfillment, as well as competent organization of the workspace. The first in line is the production line of refined vegetable oil. It brings a significant part of the revenue – about 70%.

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