Whoosh intends to create its own electric scooter in 2024-2025
2022-12-25 06:04

Whoosh intends to create its own electric scooter in 2024-2025

The Russian kicksharing service expects to release its own electric scooter with localized components in 2024-2025. Dmitry Chuiko, the company's CEO, told reporters about this at the Whoosh stock trading opening ceremony on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

"Now we have our improved version of the scooter with additional modules of our electronics, which is still made on the basis of the Ninenot max+ platform. In the future, we are planning our own model, which will be assembled from localized components. Somewhere, the nodes will be moderated in order for the model to work more efficiently, <...> in order to reduce our two main operational components - these are the costs of recharging and repair," Chuiko said.

According to him, the company already has a scooter model with its own electronics and a special upper module with a large screen that transmits marketing and navigation messages, as well as having a number of other functions, including a module that allows recognizing pedestrian crossings and forcing the scooter passenger to dismount.

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