2022-12-25 04:02

Moscow "Ecoline" will build a waste processing complex in Karelia

The Moscow company "Ecoline", which became part of the founders of the Karelian Environmental Operator, will build a waste processing complex (KPO) in Karelia. This is stated in the message of the press service of Ecoline.

"Within the framework of the concession agreement with the region, Ecoline Group plans to build a waste processing complex with a capacity of 190 thousand tons per year in the Prionezhsky municipal district. The experience and expertise of the Ecoline Group make it possible to create complexes that ensure the processing of up to 75% of the waste stream," the company noted.

The Karelian Environmental Operator serves 600 thousand residents and 7.5 thousand legal entities of the republic. In 2021, the volume of waste collected amounted to 180 thousand tons.

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