Dmitry Bogdanov:
2022-12-20 01:07

Dmitry Bogdanov: "Investments in industrial parks of the Samara region have already reached 35 billion rubles"

The business has already invested more than 35 billion rubles in the state industrial parks of the region. The infrastructure of industrial parks has been created and continues to develop in the region, some sites have already become logistics – warehouses, distribution centers of Russian trading companies and marketplaces are mainly located here.

"There are 70 companies operating in the territories of state parks, which have created more than 7 thousand jobs since the beginning of the parks, the total investment amounted to more than 35 billion rubles," Dmitry Bogdanov, Minister of Economic Development and Investment of the Samara Region, presented the results of the work of the sites.

Today in the region there are industrial parks "Preobrazhenka", "Preobrazhenka - 2", "Chapaevsk", "Novosemeikino", as well as an industrial park in the SEZ "Togliatti". One of the key tasks in the work of the Regional Government and Governor Dmitry Azarov is to create all the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of private investors' projects.

"The work of recent years to improve the investment climate is not important for ratings. New jobs, new industries, new technologies, people's income growth – that's what's important. That's the main effect, not the ratings at all. We do not work for ratings, but for people. And there are results," Dmitry Azarov said at the opening of OZON.

The Preobrazhenka became a pilot regional project in this direction. Today its territory is almost completely occupied. In 2023-2024, it is planned to complete the implementation of five projects on the territory of the park with a total investment of more than 2.1 billion rubles and a plan to create more than 600 new jobs in the manufacturing sector.

"Investors' interest in the site of the Chapaevsk Industrial Park remains stable. In October of this year, OZON, the largest fulfillment center in the Volga Federal District, was launched here. In 2023, it is planned to launch the Energobeton plant, a production and bitumen terminal in the industrial park. In 2024 - an experimental line for the production of pectin," Dmitry Bogdanov said.

Localization of 12 new residents is projected in the industrial park of the Togliatti SEZ by the end of 2025. The volume of extra-budgetary investments by the end of 2025 will amount to about 13 billion rubles, the number of jobs will exceed 2.0 In the industrial park "Novosemeikino" in 2022, construction of the logistics complex "Wildberry" with an area of 180 thousand square meters and with an investment volume of more than 12 billion rubles began. The launch of the facility is planned for next year, and 10 thousand jobs will be created here by the end of 2025."We hope that with the advent of a large distribution center, entrepreneurs of the Samara region will be able to significantly increase their turnover," said Tatiana Bakalchuk, founder of Wildberries, at the construction start ceremony in August this year.

On the territory of Preobrazhenka-2, a resident of STA-2000 LLC is building a large distribution center for X5 Group (Pyaterochka), with a total area of over 70 thousand square meters. meters.

The construction of the multi–temperature warehouse is proceeding at an advanced pace - already in April 2023, it is planned to put the facility into operation, several months ahead of schedule. Investments in the facility will amount to 3.5 billion rubles. The distribution center will provide 2,000 jobs for residents of the region.

The facility will provide Pyaterochka stores in the Volga region and the Urals. To receive any assistance in the implementation of investment projects, entrepreneurs can contact the regional government organization - the Investment Attraction Agency of the Samara region, which accompanies investors throughout the project implementation stage, from the idea to the support of the enterprise after its launch.Read more interesting news in our Telegram channel

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