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2022-12-14 12:11

The company "World of Cashmere" LLC became a partner of the "Made in Russia" project

The company LLC "World of cashmere" is a factory of a full production cycle and the brand MIR CASHMERE. It was established in 2016.

There is a territory with capital buildings owned, it houses the latest German Stolle equipment and Italian kettel equipment.

The world of cashmere specializes in working with 100% cashmere without admixture and cashmere with silk. There are very few industries in Russia that work with this yarn, as it is a very difficult and expensive fiber to work with. All yarn is certified according to the Swiss quality certificate OEKO-TEX. The world of cashmere imports yarn independently directly from the factory from Mongolia and has exclusive distributorship for this yarn in Russia.

We create all products completely independently from model development to label filing. A multi-stage quality control system has been implemented in production, which allows you to fully track all processes and make truly high-quality things. The World of Cashmere team has a strong design bureau and brings together specialists from all over the world to work with cashmere.

To date, the MIR CASHMERE brand is represented in more than 50 cities of Russia, as well as in Belarus. There is also its own chain of retail stores MIR CASHMERE.

Twice a year, the company presents its collections at the CPM international exhibition. The collection includes men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, accessories and household items. All made of 100% cashmere and cashmere with silk.

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