2022-12-09 03:07

Logistics and Tochka applied to the Federal Antimonopoly Service with a request to purchase former McDonald's logisticians

FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service – approx. editors) of Russia received a petition from the company "Logistics and point" - it belongs to the owner of "Tasty and point" Alexander Govor. The document refers to the acquisition of the Russian business of the American logistics company Havi – this organization was the logistics partner of McDonald's.

The group specializes in supply chain management, packaging, logistics and waste recycling.

As stated in the FAS, they will assess the impact of the transaction on the markets of the Havi group's presence in Russia.

The fact that Alexander Govor is buying 100% of Havi's Russian assets was previously reported in the press service of Yummy - period. At the same time, the entire staff – which is more than 1,200 people - will keep their jobs. They do not intend to change the leadership either.

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