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About 1.5 thousand enterprises of the tourist sphere of the Crimea will receive a payment for the preservation of employment

About 1.5 thousand enterprises of the tourism sector of the Crimea will receive a payment from the reserve fund for the preservation of employment. The head of the republic Sergey Aksenov wrote about this in his telegram channel.

"At least one and a half thousand Crimean tourism enterprises will receive a one-time payment from the reserve fund of the Government of the Russian Federation to maintain employment in the amount of two minimum wages per employee. The total amount of subsidies allocated to the Republic of Crimea will amount to about 1.5 billion rubles," Aksyonov wrote.

Priority in payments will be given to accommodation facilities and travel companies, but businessmen representing 35 types of activities can apply.

"Let me remind you that the recipient of the payment undertakes to maintain the declared average number of employees until April 1, 2023. The new support measure will allow the tourism business to plan its activities for the near future, while preserving labor collectives," the head of the republic noted.

In the Ministry of Public Health of the Crimea, this measure is considered timely and most in demand.

"Support of tourist businesses by paying the minimum wage was the most requested measure of business support during our preliminary consultations. The most important task now is to preserve professional teams that know the standards of hospitality, know their facility, and sometimes many regular guests. The quality of the industry's work should not decrease," said Vadim Volchenko, Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The details of the payment and the mechanism for submitting applications will be explained by the regional Ministry of Public Health in the near future.

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